Founder of Leni's Model Management

ELENI RENTON , founder of LENI'S MODEL MANAGEMENT is a quick witted, intelligent and dedicated specialist in fashion and beauty.  Over the past 10 years Eleni has built up a vast experience and wealth of knowledge having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Naomi Campbell, both here in the UK and abroad.  Eleni launched Leni's Model Management in July 2009, following her successful takeover of Quintessentially Models where she was a partner. She balances her warmth and charming sense of humour with an exceptionally sharp mind and has become renowned for her campaign for the professional and ethical management of models in the industry. She is keen to promote a more realistic body image of women and rejects the ‘size zero' look. "At this agency we focus on health; physical and emotional. We are not a plus-size agency, but we deal with girls who are healthy sizes 8 to 12."

Eleni's ability to create an impact led to an invitation to speak at a debate at the ICA; "Can Real People Do The Catwalk?" alongside Hilary Alexander, Fashion Director of The Daily Telegraph. Recently Eleni organised a roundtable on ‘The pros and cons of Retouching' at which Jodie Kidd was on the panel. "I feel very strongly that re-touching should be regulated to create a more realistic perception of beauty for the general public" says Eleni.

Eleni was invited on Sky News and The Politics Show on BBC1 when ‘Model Health Certificates' were scrapped ahead of London Fashion Week. Live from the catwalk, in a TV interview with fashion show insiders Zara Martin and Jono McNamara, Eleni defined her business model: "Leni's Model Management offers a ‘complete management service', focusing not only on the physical health of models but also offering access to financial, nutritional & fitness advice .'

Eleni Renton recognises the important role that Leni's Model Management can play in partnering models to build lasting, successful, healthy careers and is passionate about educating both members of the industry as well as the general public. The agency also support The Prince's Trust and Eleni is a Spokesperson for Eucerin Skin creams

Eleni's creative, appealing style has great synergy with her business mind and as a good communicator we feel she has an exciting career ahead of her both on and off screen. Born to a Greek entrepreneur and English mother, Eleni's desire for success was cemented in her early years. A natural host, Eleni has chaired discussion on the latest trends, fashion and beauty products, given motivational talks, and opened events. Her lively personality makes her a popular choice for comment amongst news channels and magazines and her insider knowledge of the beauty habits of successful models makes her a must have for the beauty industry.