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Alexander Jeremy

Comedy Improviser and Filmmaker

Alexander Jeremy is a core member of the successful Comedy Improv group, Shoot From The Hip, who have been performing to sell out shows at London’s top Comedy Clubs for over a decade. 
They are now Tik Tok's largest improv comedy group with over 1.6 million followers after being on the platform for only 10 months. Their growth has been exponential, being one of the first improv groups to take the platform by storm, hitting 150 million views and over 40 million.
Check them out here
They are also on Insta with a following of 220k
You Tube - almost 280k followers
Shoot From the Hip also had a sell out run at Edinburgh Fringe August 2023 and are now the biggest thing in Comedy Improv.
Alexander has also been teaching Improv for a similiar period of time - having studied with Keith Johnstone and  drawing from the work of Mick Napier, Stanislavski, Michael Checkov and many others. 
 As a filmmaker Alexander (a.t.jeremy) has been writing and directing his own work including a short film released Jan 2024 called The Spaceman, starring young BAFTA nominee Woody Norman, Colin Farrell and Amanda Abbingdon.
His filmmaking can be seen on his Vimeo channel