Craig Rowe TV Presenter

Bristol born Craig is one of the newest presenters to join the team of experts on A Place in the Sun on Channel 4 which airs at 3pm weekdays. Over the past 18 months he has been helping House Hunters find their dream home in the sun in Spain, Italy, France, Crete and Barbados.

As a TV Presenter currently he is also known for fronting shows on QVC, CBBC, Sky Travel, Overseas Property TV and as gadget guru on ITV’s This Morning.  He’s also presented factual entertainment projects for the NHS, HMRC and HMS Victory as well as leading corporate public facing events for the BBC, Discovery TV, Boots & Braun.

As a voice artist his projects are as varied as narrating children's stories for the BBC, hosting a CBBC radio show and explaining online tax software to accountants on the HMRC website. He also voiced several holiday programmes for Teletext Holidays and Sky Travel.

 As well as being an experienced presenter he has a thorough understanding of what happens behind the camera too having worked in production for the BBC for 7 years where he worked up from production assistant in studio and on location to promo director, live gallery director, producer and production manager. He’s also led hundreds of workshops of TV training for BBC new recruits.

Craig has a big passion for property, and this is shown in his buying, renovating and selling of 3 London properties where he recently completed his biggest renovation project yet. He’s assisted his parents, several friends and a business colleague in searching for, negotiating and then transacting property purchase. With a smile he said to them ‘I will be your real-life Phil Spencer!’

Craig has a love of travel which started at age 18 he joined holiday company ‘Travelsphere’ as their youngest ever Tour Manager leading groups all over Europe; he speaks excellent French, conversational German and is now learning Spanish.

In his 30’s he took a year out to travel Australia, Thailand, Singapore, the USA and his ‘Fatherland’ country of  Jamaica (he is mixed race Welsh - Jamaican), an amazing experience that he still shares stories about today.

Outside of work he has a passion for travel, property and health and well-being and loves keeping fit and healthy with hit training, yoga and invigorating country walks. 

Craig is an Ambassador for having been diagnosed himself as pre-diabetic not so long ago. Their aims are to highlight innovations surrounding remission, education and diagnosis of diabetes.

You can see more of Craig and his work on his insta