Nalintha started her career as a commercial model and artist in the industry when she was 17 years old, it was a means to help pay towards her university fees, whilst she studied at Central Saint Martins to become an interior designer which she still practices in her spare time.

Now 25 years later Nalintha is a successful and well established commercial model  and has worked on TV campaigns and has been the face of beauty brands such as Max factor and Charlotte Tilbury. She models for QVC and is a regular well known face on the TV Channel for many brands.

Nalintha and her husband who have been together for 19 years, discovered that their struggles to get pregnant, were related to numerous medical issues leading them through IVF and numerous surgeries and in doing so Nalintha became open to sharing her experiences on her blog entitled  covering  fertility issues, pregnancy losses and is passionate about helping and sharing with women all that this journey as taken her on. She also qualified to be a PT/Gym instructor / nutritionist a year before finding out she needed medical assistance, and  now uses her knowledge to help women find a balance in health and fitness during IVF.

Nalintha has been a regular guest panelist for 2yrs on BBC Asian Radio network on The BIG Debate and The Ladies Panel. She is currently taking a Masters in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy. Her passion and love is to create, in the form of art / paintings, and she has  recently been working on some pieces she hopes to exhibit in the future and bring awareness to some of the charities and causes she is passionate about in doing so.
Nalintha is building up her social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and has just started her own YouTube Channel Nalintha Lala where she shares her ideas on lifestyle and wellbeing